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We have worked with some great clients over the years, and have created some amazing products. We want to share a few with you.

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Architecture Design Collaboration

There was a time where online collaboration was not an easy thing. We were tasked to create a web app that allowed the different Novartis offices to share Cad Designs and edit them through a browser. This was a major endeavor that needed innovation that had not been tried through a browser. Novartis was thrilled with our custom solution, and they used it for years.

Bespoke Intranet

Ocean First Bank was unhappy wither their SharePoint implementation, and did not want to try again with a SAS product. Ocean First wants specific functionality that would provided important data access, between departments and individuals. It was important for them to own the software, and have the freedom to continue adding features as needed. After an extensive interview process to isolate functionality and features each department needed, we settled on a plan of attack. We developed a robust solution created in PHP/MySQL as well as connecting to their existing DotNet and SQL data sources. 

Multiple Projects

We were contacted by the Director of the EOSHI department of Rutgers. They initially had website needs that they wanted to address. We designed and developed 3 different sites for departments within EOSHI. Our fist site was for BRTC, our next was for the full department, EOSHI, and the 3rd was for CEED.

Our involvement didn’t ed there. BRTC was doing cutting edge DNA sequencing and needed a way to transfer very large files securely over the internet. We created a web-app and specialized protocol that allowed them to move sesative DNA files across the world to other researches.

Or largest project came when we were asked to replace their student built asset tracker, scheduling, and maintenance ticketing system. We were able to develop a system that was perfect for Rutgers. They were able to easily track all their tech asses across the campus. Repair ticket were now easily created and delivered. And the professors and students were now able to sign-out tech recourses, attach them to a room or auditorium, and be assured that what they needed would be there and working whether it was for a classroom assignment, or a major presentation at one of their large auditoriums.

It was a privilege to work with the tech staff and professors during that year of non-stop projects.

Apps / Development

EKR Therapeutics was a fantastic client that we helped with multiple needs. Besides ongoing website creation for the corporation as well as individual pharmaceutical products, we were contracted to build a number of bespoke applications.

The largest of the projects we developed was aimed to create a seamless experience between sales reps, opinion leaders, and ER Doctors they were promoting their products too. We crated a web-app/iPhone-app that connected those three parties instantly for on the fly meetings with busy ER Doctors. Not only did we integrate FaceTime to facilitate these meetings, but we let the reps schedule time with those opinion leaders, collect and distribute needed documents/videos/charts… from an ERK cloud library. This tool made what was so hard to do, easy. Getting three parties, two of which are practicing physicians who are constantly with patients virtually or physically together for meetings was a giant challenge. ER rooms are just hard to get into, and when a rep does, he may only have 10 minutes to pitch to a Doctor. EKR told us this tool was responsible for keeping their marketshare at an Industry high after their drug went generic.

Our involvement didn’t end there. We created an iPhone app that reps would give to ER Doctors that would help them calculate the optimal dose titration of the life saving drug EKR was marketing. Big hit!

We also created a corporate intranet that effectively helped the company distribute data and information critical to their day-to-day.

Being a pharmaceutical, publication of studies, and approved presentations was of key importances. We created a web-app that allowed all 5 internal departments participate in a new document request, all the way trough approval and ready for FDA review. As you can imagine, this was a complex task.  As far as we know, at the time, no other Pharma had software similar to ours.

Again in Pharma, constant training is needed in just about all departments. We created iTrain. A web/iPhone/iPad app that allowed all training to be done online and remotely. It was a big hit, since now everyone didn’t have to come into Headquarters for ongoing training.

We loved our experience with EKR.

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